PowerLine PPR200X – Best Power Rack For The Money?

As you could read in my previous review, the first thing I’ve bought was adjustable bench and a set of weights. After some time, about one and a half years later, I was squatting more than 1.5 x my bodyweight and I’ve come to a conclusion that I need more safety in my workouts. Not just because of the squat but also bench press.

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

I’ve started researching various types of squat stands with safety catchers, half racks and full power racks. I wanted to spend the least money possible and get a quality product. And the winner of this research for the best power rack for the money was PowerLine PPR200X.

Powerline PPR200X front view

Features And Specifications

  • weight is 133 lbs (60 kg)
  • maximum load capacity is 600 lbs (272 kg)
  • dimension: width 46 inches (1168 mm), length 44 inches (1117 mm), height 82 inches (2082 mm)
  • front and back pillars are 24 inches (610 mm) apart
  • 18 positions for safety bars – lowest is approximately 18 inches (47 cm) from the ground, highest is 69 inches (175 cm) from the ground (both were measured from the top of the safety bar in a particular position)
  • the spacing between safety bar positions is 3 inches (76 mm)
  • safety bars are saber style with latches at the end
  • pegs for the bar also use latches to secure them in place
  • pull-up / chin-up knurled bar, 1 inch (25,4 mm) in diameter, 41 inches (1041 mm) wide
  • 10-year frame warranty
  • possible to upgrade with lat attachment
  • price (at the time of review): $320


Tools needed for assembly:

  • two 3/4″ wrenches

Assembly instructions come only in the form of the exploded diagram but you really don’t need more. Installation is very straightforward and it took me about fifty minutes.

My recommendation is to start by building a base consisting of 3 pieces. Don’t forget to put on all the plastic parts. Continue with mounting the rear uprights and the piece that connects them at the top. Next, mount one of the front uprights and connect it to the back with the top side piece. Then repeat the same process for the other side and finally mount the chin up bar.

User Experience

I have this rack for about two years and I’m very satisfied. The most weight I have ever used on it was around 280 lbs (127,5 kg) for a squat attempt and failed it. No problem for the rack or the safety bars. And I don’t think I will ever reach the load limit of the rack:)

Probably the toughest test of stability was when I’ve lost the balance during the ascent in the squat (with around 220 lbs on the bar) and tipped backward, hitting the uprights. I managed to recover and finish the squat sliding the bar on the uprights. PPR200X handled it with flying colors.

So functionally the rack is perfect. But there are some cosmetic issues like really bad paint job quality. Paint chips too easily on the surfaces that come into contact with the bar – pegs and safety bars. To protect the pegs, I’ve cut the bicycle tube to the size of the pegs and pulled it on them. For the safety bars, I just use some old t-shirts folded over a few times.

Powerline PPR200X peg with DIY rubber protection

Peg protection

Another complaint that I’ve read about when I was doing my research was relatively big spacing between safety bar positions – 3 inches (76 mm). I have never encountered this issue but the solution is very simple – just put some wooden boards under the feet of the bench.

And the last two minor things. First, holes aren’t numbered so it’s harder to remember where to put safety bars. Solution – I’ve bought number stickers:) Or you could use a marker to label the holes you use. Second, chin up bar has really sharp knurling for me so I use old, finger bicycle gloves for chin ups and pull ups.


I would definitely recommend this rack to anyone who is thinking about buying a power rack. It’s easy to assemble, parts fit together nicely, it is stable and sturdy with great maximum load capacity and has 10-year frame warranty! I’m really satisfied with the purchase of this rack and I don’t think I will ever need to replace it. I mean, how many regular people will be able to test the limits of this rack?:)

If you want to check the reviews from other people or are considering buying it, I recommend Amazon.com. They have the best price, as far as I was able to find.

Thank you for reading and if you have any question or suggestion, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment:)


  1. Furkan

    PowerLine PPR200X looks like great exercise equipment and 10 year frame warranty is incredible however does the company gives replaceable parts warranty?

    1. Marek (Post author)

      Hi Furkan,
      according to their website, warranty for parts is 1 year.

  2. Anis Chity

    Looks like a great Rack Marek, thanks for sharing this useful and informative review, I love getting fit, I am a semi-professional player and always looking for this material to get fit from home.

    I would like to have equipment at home to workout my whole body without spending too much money do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. Marek (Post author)

      Hello Anis,
      sure, I can give you some advice:) This rack is a really solid foundation for a home gym. Get yourself an adjustable bench, barbell with weights and you can train your whole body. If you can spend a little bit more add in a pair of adjustable dumb bells for isolation work.

      If you want to spend less, you can swap the power rack for the squat stands + adjustable bench (something like this) but you are losing the safety of the power rack.

      Hope this helps. If you need more advice I will be glad to help.

  3. Jeff

    Found your review to be very interesting and honest. I am looking for a power rack and the one you have described above sounds perfect! Thank you for giving me tips on the small faults of the rack as this will save me headaches in the future.
    Best regards, Jeff.

    1. Marek (Post author)

      Hello Jeff,
      I’m glad you found my review helpful.
      Thank you,

  4. Juan

    Great review. I also work out a lot, definitely doing lots of squats. Haven’t yet considered doing this at home but might be an option for the future…

    1. Marek (Post author)

      Hi Juan:) Training at home is great. You don’t have to travel anywhere, you can train when you want, don’t have to wait for others to finish their sets etc. Of course, there is an initial “investment” you have to make. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it:)

      1. Juan

        Sounds like a clear case 🙂 I will see if I can free some space in my apartment…

        1. Marek (Post author)

          Oh yeah, freeing space for it, that’s a good point! Fingers crossed:D

  5. Oliver

    Hi Marek, really good and honest review and very clearly written. I’ve been using a bar at home for a while but a recent injury has meant I need to think again. Something sturdier is something I’m looking for so I’ll have to check if it will fit in my basement.

    1. Marek (Post author)

      Hello Oliver.
      If you have a low ceiling, manufacturers thought about that and they sell racks specifically for that – this or this Rogue.
      Thanks for stopping by:)

  6. Angie

    great information!

    1. Marek (Post author)

      Thank you Angie:)


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